NGADM Teaming up

2017-05-30 15:06:32 by cody104

Teaming up with @BEnlighten1 for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. Looking forward to having fun and making some really awesome music. Check out our Audition song NGADM Royal Rumble :


A.I.M. The Way Home

2016-06-06 12:50:51 by cody104

This is my 1st entry for AIM

The Way Home

Inspiring art used was "Carrie Me Home" by Clayscence

Chill Portal

2016-05-21 21:32:36 by cody104

Step into another world with Chill Portal.

My Madness

2015-09-21 13:06:05 by cody104

Check ok my newest song here:

Made for a Madness Day animation here:


Here's updated versions of my 2nd & 3rd submissions, hope you enjoy!

2nd entry: "Ekko"
category: Stage (Level) Music
NIM contest inspired song.

3rd entry, "Laughing Chains NIM"
Category: Bad Ending Music


Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest!

2015-06-16 01:34:21 by cody104

Check out the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest

My 1st entry: Army of the Dead

Category: boss battle

battle with the dead.

My 2nd entry: Ekko

Category: Stage (Level) Music
Newgrounds Ekko character inspired song.

My 3rd entry: Laughing Chains
Category: Bad Ending Music

Inspired by all things creepy, scary, and haunted on New grounds.